Fishing Experiences 

Trophy Florida Large-mouth bass are ferocious fighters and love the lake habitats located right here on the Champions Gate property. Come out today and let one of our expert guides hook you up with one of these lunkers.   Omni Outfitters offers both shore and kayak fishing with artificial baits. Blue gill and Black Crappie are also lurking in the depths so you never know what you may reel up. Fun for the whole family from beginners to experts. Both spin and fly fishing are available.

Shore Fishing:

$40 per hour for adults

$20 per hour for children under 17


Fly Fishing Seminar 

Omni Outfitters presents a fast paced, condensed fly fishing seminar that zeros in on individual casting ability. This unique program consists of briefly touching on equipment, safety and gear while focusing mainly on casting techniques designed for casting between 20 and 60 feet. While some classroom time is required, most time will be spent on the water trying to entice some of our trophy largemouth bass with newly acquired fly casting skills. This four hour course is perfect for beginners, intermediates and those looking to hone their casting skills before a big fly fishing trip. Our expert instructors will have you casting and fishing by the end of the seminar. 

$150 for adults

$100 for children 12 and up.


Large Mouth Bass Fishing Seminars

Join Omni Outfitters today and learn unique bass fishing tips and secrets from one of the early masters of this sport, Carroll Hargood.  Carrols unique teaching style will have you catching trophy largemouth bass in short order from one of our premier bass lakes located directly on the Champions Gate Property.  This four hour course consists of roughly one hour of class room instruction followed by 3 hours of personalized on the water instruction.  Come out today and let Carroll hook you up with that 12 pound lunker.

$150 for adults

$100 for children 7 and up.


For information and reservations call (407) 787-4653.