Leadbetter Golf Academy

David Leadbetter Golf Academy World Headquarters


David Leadbetter is internationally recognized as one of the world’s greatest golf instructors. His "holistic" approach to teaching and innovative methods is what has set David and his elite staff of instructors apart from all others. As a guest at ChampionsGate Golf Resort we can customize a lesson experience that will meet your needs.


With two putting greens (16,000+ ft.2), two chipping greens (8,000+ ft.2) and a pitching area with 12 target bunkers, each and every student will be able to develop and perfect all aspects of their golf game. Join us at our World Headquarters and we think you'll agree that you won't find a better place to build a lifelong game than at the Leadbetter Golf Academy at ChampionsGate.


Club Fitting and Equipment Services

Outfitted with the most up-to-date lineup of Callaway equipment, and supported by TrackMan swing and ball flight analysis and SAM PuttLab technologies, the club fitting experience sets the standard for all clients, Tour Professionals and weekend golfers alike.


Much like the academy’s personalized golf instruction, LGA’s team of club fitting experts utilizes industry-leading technology to provide a variety of club fitting options personally tailored for each student’s ability and learning style. Everyone processes information differently, and at LGA there are more ways than one to find the perfect compliment of equipment to any player’s game.


Dr. Robert Winters

Dr. Robert Winters is an internationally known sport psychologist specializing in developing and enhancing human potential in athletic and business settings. He is the founder of Mind Power Sports, a private consulting company, and is also the Resident Sport Psychologist for The Leadbetter Golf Academy, World Headquarters, located here at ChampionsGate.


Dr. Winters is best known for his applied work in helping world-class athletes, collegiate teams, and business executives attain confidence, team cohesion and the psychology of peak performance and achievement. Dr. Winters provides unique seminars for team meetings, corporate events and business coaching using sport psychology and proven coaching theories.


Leadbetter Golf Academy

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